Common  Governance

Building the framework and processes among decision-makers involved in a collective problem that leads to the creation, reinforcement, or reproduction of social norms and institutions.

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Governance for Good



Conceptualizing governance in a principal–agent framework

Ensuring risk mitigation by recognizing agency dilemma and building processes to prevent or reduce moral hazard or agent conflict of interest.

Embracing the need for  bureaucracy in complex, monetary based systems, while consistently applying innovation to break the "iron cage" bond of the status quo, challenging the need for efficiency with the transformative principles born from effectiveness, to ensure ecosystem excellence.

Common Governance Framework

Finding our Way to Change

Change inside of bureaucracy requires complex thinking that includes stakeholder agendas, process requirements, and an investigation of technology resource demands and deficiencies.

The National Minority Technology Council (NMTC) represents over 65,000 U.S. minority technology employers whose combined revenues total over $100 Billion.  This powerhouse of trusted providers are ready to empower change.  Our Design Based Research methodologies allows for a consistent approach to engagement and process.

Change Management starts with the recognition that something is broken or misaligned, coupled with the courage to embark on a "solutions based" organization-centric discourse.

Change is difficult and the road to change requires trust and capacity.

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We've kept the process easy to follow:

"The winning combination between buracracy and autonomy in our 21st Century economy requires trust and equity.  Partnerships that are forged with an awareness of the complexity of change will ensure what we at NMTC call Common Governance"

Karl Cureton, NMTC Chairman, CEO

"Government's ability to make and enforce rules, and to deliver services is supported every day by Industry.  Understanding relative performance is central to good  governance and NMTC's partnership model allows for an impartial bias focused on the importance of public and private economic gain."

Lorne Joseph, NMTC Chief Risk Officer

Unlock your Agency's full Potential to Serve

The National Minority Technology Council recognizes the importance of government and the effective and efficient administration of entitlements.  We also recognize that Industry has a critical role in building economy.  By combining forces through instruments like Cooperative Agreements, Memorandum of Understandings, or other uniting Public/Private partnership models that combined our joint resources, NMTC will help solve the world's most complex and hardest to solve challenges.